Indonesia Elections 2024: Anies, Prabowo and Ganjar all out to win voters’ hearts for one


Over in downtown Jakarta, the Gelora Bung Karno turned into a sea of light blue, the colour worn by supporters of the front runner, Mr Prabowo Subianto and his running mate Mr Gibran Rakabuming Raka. 

Thousands of supporters had been flocking to the 1.7 hectare sports complex since early morning, waiting patiently for hours for their candidate’s final rally to start. 

By 11am, the arena’s main stadium, where the rally was held, was at its full 77,000 spectator capacity.

But thousands of supporters continued to turn up as the day progressed, arriving in private vehicles, buses and MRT. 

Some tried to force their way in and engaged in a war of words with security guards manning the gates who tried to explain to the supporters that the stadium was full and could not accommodate them.

Nearby shopping malls were also full of Prabowo-Gibran fans looking to escape the heat, while die-hard supporters stayed on at the complex, enjoying the rally from afar through a series of giant LCD screens erected around the stadium.

One of them is housewife Hestiana Safitri, 51, who had to travel for two hours from Bekasi city, on the outskirts of Jakarta to get to the stadium only to be disappointed for not being able to enter the stadium and see her candidate of choice in person. 

“I have been a Prabowo supporter since 2019. I admire his tenacity. He tried and tried again because I believe that he sincerely wants to lead Indonesia for the better,” she told CNA. 

“2014 and 2019 were not yet his time (to become president), but I believe his time is now,” she said, referring to the years when Mr Prabowo also ran as president but failed.

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