I’m an Australian in the UK… here is what shocks me about your laws

  •  Rhiannon Cunningham who lives in the UK shocked her British followers
  • In Australia it is illegal to have a shot after midnight, the content creator said

Brits have been left baffled after an Australian woman revealed all of the run-of-the-mill British things that are illegal down under.

Rhiannon Cunningham revealed in the now viral clips that you can receive hefty fines in her home country for jaywalking and even doing shots after midnight.

In the two videos, which together amassed over an eye-watering 7.2 million views, the content creator shared that a business can get a staggering £37,794 fine if someone takes a shot after midnight.

Dropping another bombshell, she also shared that an Australian business could get fined up to quarter of a million pounds for having a sunbed.

But these aren’t the only costly acts – which are seemingly innocent to us Brits – that could leave you thousands out of pocket.

Rhiannon Cunningham shocked Brits as she revealed all the run-of-the-mill things we do that are illegal in Australia

On British soil, it is not illegal to jaywalk, unless you are doing so on a motorway or a stretch of road which clearly states no pedestrians are permitted.

However, in Australia it isn’t that simple, as the youngster revealed you can get hit with a £115 fine for jaywalking.

Not adhering to clear cross walks is illegal in Australia, and depending on the state you can receive various penalties.

Drinking is woven into the fabric of British culture, and there aren’t any restrictions on where people, who are over the age of 18, can drink either, according to Drinkaware.

But down under this rule is far more stringent, according to Rhiannon, who shared that people can often be on the tail end of a £579 for such an offence.

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Similarly to jaywalking the level of your fine is dependent on the state you live in.

In Western Australia, it is illegal for an individual of any age to drink in public and could land a partygoer with a maximum fine of £1579, according to the Western Australia Police Force.

Typically resting your legs on the opposite seat on a train won’t land you in much trouble in the UK.

Although it could lumber you with a £50 and a police caution in more severe cases, PlymouthLive reports.

However, resting your feet on a seat of a train could set you back a pretty penny, as Rhiannon explained you can sometimes incur fines up to £579. 

Another illegal Australian activity that is perfectly ordinary in the UK, is the buying, selling and setting off of fireworks.

As per The Fireworks Regulations 2004 Act and The Pyrotechnic Articles (Safety) Regulations of 2015, any persons can purchase carry or use fireworks that belong to category one two and three.

However in Australia it is an entirely different scenario, as the content creator revealed buying, selling and even lighting a firework could land you with a £14,212 fine. 

Brits flocked the comments in shock, completely stunned by all the things you could not do legally in Australia.

One asked: ‘Wait, you guys can’t just cross the road?’

Their are various and costly penalties for various things from putting your feet up on trains and even jaywalking
People flooded the comments in shock that jaywalking among several other things were illegal in Australia

‘I’m half and half, and when I went over to Australia to see my sister, I was too stunned to speak at being told you couldn’t just cross the road,’ a second quipped.

‘Jaywalking? Nah[sic] that’s just called crossing the road,’ chimed a third.

Just because feet on seats isn’t illegal here doesn’t mean you should do it 

‘Wait are you being serious, is Aussie that strict,’ another said..

One user added: ‘No. I’ve always wanted to go to Australia but this has really ruined my plans and upset me. Pls say you’re joking 

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