‘I gave up on parenting’: This mother suffered from parental burnout – here’s how she

Three years ago, in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, I gave up on parenting. Or rather, I let go of the expectations I had of what it meant to be a “good Mum” – and stopped.

I remember this clearly: My elder daughter was in primary six. The stress of coaching her for the national exams, PSLE, got to me. The heightened alerts enforced for the Delta strain meant that in-person activities were reduced, especially in the lead-up to the actual exams – no tuition, reduced activities and added restrictions on social activities.

The stress of managing my children with the ever-changing COVID-19 protocols took a toll. What’s more, I had lost my job a year earlier and was working part-time on different projects. Worrying about finances kept me up.

When we were able to get our COVID-19 vaccinations, I suffered from irritability and lack of concentration from the side effects.

To make matters worse, I got into a car accident that made me pricklier, exhibiting mood swings that my family did not enjoy. I was physically fine, but my mental health was definitely in decline.

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