Hawker behind viral ‘humful’ char kway teow now sells oyster omelette with XL fresh

The omelette is on the eggy side, with a good balance of crisp edges and starchy bits – just the way we like it, and we were pleasantly surprised that it was not greasy at all. The oysters from Japan’s Murotsu Bay are creamy, slightly sweet and briny.

The succulent gems are nicely seared on the outside but raw inside, resulting in an oozy creaminess when you bite into them. Delish when paired with the sharp, tangy chilli sauce.

To maintain the freshness of the oysters, the shellfish are kept in the fridge and are only shucked upon order.

“I might take the oysters out if there’s a queue, but I will only shuck them when frying the omelette. This is why customers might need to wait around 10 minutes for their orders. Customers’ health is more important,” shared Neo.

The S$8 basic orh luak is good too. While we like the stronger smoky flavour, the frozen medium-sized oysters, though plump, taste too metallic, especially compared to the fresh Japanese ones. 

If you don’t mind the splurge, go for the atas orh luak, or get the regular oyster omelette and top up S$3 for each fresh oyster for a taste of both.

Raw shucked oysters are also available for S$15 for a plate of five.

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