Gorgeous European city has 300 days of sunshine and one of world’s best beaches

A gorgeous city in Spain needs to be on your radar if you’re after beautiful beaches, amazing food and heaps of history – without having to commit to a long-haul flight.

While Europe comes into its own during the summer months, there are some spots where you can enjoy year-round balmy temperatures; and the Spanish city of Cadiz ticks that box.

Although it’s one of Europe’s oldest cities, it’s not just history buffs who can get their fill here. For a start, the Spanish city gets approximately 300 days of sunshine every year, meaning ideal weather or exploring or making the most of its beaches.

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Speaking of beaches, tourists will want to head to Punta Paloma, which was recently named one of the world’s 100 most beautiful beaches for 2024 by Lonely Planet. Visitors on Tripadvisor have described it as a “hidden gem [which] was a total mind-blowing place” with “extremely clean water”, not to mention they were left impressed by the impressive golden sand dunes.

Punta Paloma was recently named one of the world’s most beautiful beaches (Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

It’s worth noting that the beach can get quite windy which makes it a hit with surfers and other water sports fans, but during the peak seasons when the weather is more still, it can be an ideal spot for laying out a towel and basking in that summer sunshine.

It’s not the only beach to impress. Playa Victoria tends to be popular with sun-seekers too thanks to its clean sands and swim-friendly waters. “Beautiful clean beach with amazingly clean changing rooms and lockers,” wrote one happy holidaymaker. “Friendly staff and only 1 euro – why don’t we do it like the Spanish?”

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