Full adoption push for SimplyGo a ‘judgment error’, EZ-Link system to stay until at least


In deciding not to sunset the CBT system for adult commuters, an estimated S$40 million will be spent so commuters can continue to use EZ-Link cards and NETS FlashPay cards.

On Friday, Mr Chee said the S$40 million is needed to buy new hardware, as well as to maintain and operate the older ticketing system.

He said the existing CBT system for adults is reaching the end of its shelf life this year, and LTA had to decide if it would continue with the system or not.

“It is a cost that LTA wanted to try and avoid incurring by sunsetting the CBT system for adult commuters.

“However, we realised that this was not in line with what many commuters want. This was not in line with the feedback that many commuters were telling us. We decided we will not proceed with this decision (to sunset the CBT system),” said Mr Chee.

He added that the S$40 million is “not going to be part of public transport fares”, and that the sum will be borne by the government.

This means there will be three systems: The account-based ticketing system SimplyGo, the CBT system for adults, and the CBT system for concession card holders.

He said the government will look at whether it is possible to “progressively integrate” the two CBT systems over time.

The minister has also tasked LTA to improve the features of SimplyGo.

“This is something which we want to do, because I think it is important to provide this to our commuters who want to be able to see their fare deductions and card balances at the fare gates and bus card readers.

“At the moment, there is no technical solution for this, both here and overseas. The worry is that if you do this and there is a long delay, it will cause long queues and slow down the flow of commuters,” he said.

He added that the authorities will “decide later” whether to extend the CBT system beyond 2030.

A key factor would be whether a solution can be found to overcome the technical difficulties of displaying fare deductions and card balance information at station gates and bus card readers.

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