From personal blog to thriving art community, Mama on Palette is where mums heal and find

One of the mums Yu met was Joyce Orallo Lim, in 2018. Lim was then a stay-at-home mum with a two-year-old son

“I loved to paint and design floral ceramic pieces, but the moment I became a mum, I thought my life as an artist was over,” Lim told CNA Women. She connected with Yu during a casual all-women gathering where Yu told her about the artsy playdates she was organising. 

“It captured my interest because she loves art and she’s a mum,” Lim said. “I remember thinking, ‘That’s me. I’m not alone after all.’”

Meeting Lim and other like-minded mums, Yu realised how passionate these women were about both motherhood and art and decided to take Mama on Palette to the next level.  

After pandemic restrictions eased in 2021, and while still juggling her full-time job as a marketing manager, Yu set about organising Mama on Palette. 

She set up an executive committee, worked on official partnerships and showcased members’ artworks to the public. 

Part of the move involved creating a paid membership programme for S$50 per year, which comes with priority access to showcase or sell one’s artwork, the opportunity to collaborate with partnering galleries, networking sessions between mums, entrepreneurs and artists, and workshops to help women establish their art business.

All membership and event registration fees are channelled into running events, paying artists and workshop facilitators, and maintaining the community. 

Mama on Palette’s first collaboration was with the National Library Board in 2021 where members’ art pieces were displayed at the Central Public Library.

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