Fresh off the boat: Singapore’s chicken supplies get a boost, in a world of food

“My job is more on the corporate side, … bringing in new sources for the company,” said Toh, 39.

“We always used to think that Malaysia was enough, but apparently (the world) has changed so drastically that we’re getting (chicken supplies) from as far as Brazil, from Denmark, basically from places … we’d never thought of before.”

Before Malaysia’s export ban from June to October 2022, it was the only country Singapore had approved for the import of live chickens.

So when the ban happened, “my blood pressure was at 190”, quipped Toh, whose customers — then and now — include hospitals, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, wet markets and online platforms. “There was very little time to react.”

Chicken prices rose in Singapore. Some chicken rice hawkers even shut their stalls.

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