Forget emotional support water bottles – 8 other ’emotional support’ items aunties

So, we no longer have water bottles, we now have emotional support water bottles. Drinking water on the go has turned into a self-soothing liturgy of ritualistic hydration.

That’s not all – the brand of water bottle you choose is also an arbiter of social standing. Pulling out your limited-edition, pastel-hued Owala bottle is the new opening your refrigerator so your visitors can see it’s stocked with Perrier or Fiji.

Above all, the emotional support water bottle is an accessory that one feels lost and naked without. It is the “chouchou” of the Gen Z zeitgeist.

Now, all the aunties are scratching their heads. They do not understand why this is a thing. Because any card-carrying aunty worth her salt has always had a water bottle in her bag at all times. Why buy bottled water when you can bring your own for free? And if a restaurant wants to charge for tap water, well, Aunty gets the last laugh.  

(By the way, you don’t have to be of a certain age or a particular gender to identify as an aunty. Some are born aunties, some achieve auntie-ness and some have auntie-ness thrust upon them. “Aunty” is a state of being.)

So, the aunty market has always had a handle on emotional support water bottles. And, while we’re at it, here are some of the other emotional support items in the time-honoured aunty arsenal.


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