‘Europe’s largest’ 3D printed building opens after delays

STORY: Location: Heidelberg, Germany

‘Europe’s largest’ 3D printed building opens its doors

after unforeseen challenges caused delays

Printing took about a week more than planned

But other delays meant it was 10 months

before the building could open

Date: January 30, 2024

(Hans-Joerg Kraus, Managing Partner, Kraus Group)

“For example, the building is shaped like a wave and we noticed that the connections on the roof were something totally new. We had to find a solution and that took weeks. Also, what’s almost a joke: the building has two doors but it took us weeks to find a solution because all available standardized doors which we obviously did not order beforehand may only be used for a very special type of concrete. But we used a totally new type of concrete so we were busy for weeks trying to find a solution for two doors.”

Kraus says his next project is three times the size of this one

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