EU accuses Eurovision bosses of handing gift to ‘enemies of Europe’ with flag ban

A spokesperson for Commission President Ursula von der Leyen also criticized the EBU’s move, saying: “It is certainly regrettable to ban the flag that is the flag of all the EU members and other Council of Europe members taking part in the contest and often flies alongside national flags on public buildings.”

Schinas told Playbook: “I cannot find the logical explanation for why the EBU is doing this. And what does this serve?”

“Less than a month from the European elections, who wins from banning the EU flag from Eurovision?” the commissioner added. “Only the Euroskeptics and the enemies of Europe.”

A spokesperson for the EBU said the Eurovision flag policy this year was “the same as in 2023,” with fans only permitted to bring flags of “participating countries and the rainbow/pride flags.” But recordings of last year’s event clearly show scores of EU flags in the audience.

Schinas said he would raise the matter with EBU management on Monday. “I will talk to them. I won’t let this pass,” he said. “I will seek explanations and clarifications.”

Nemo, a 24-year-old Swiss rapper who sang about their self-discovery as a non-binary person, won Eurovision 2024.

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