Data centre operators seek greater clarity on green roadmap amid growing digital demands


Data centres were responsible for around 7 per cent of Singapore’s total electricity consumption in 2020, according to the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

Experts said the path to a more sustainable future requires better public awareness.

Some data centres such as Digital Realty already have the ability to cut down carbon emissions, but sourcing for green energy is another challenge. 

Mr Jon Curry, vice president of Asia Pacific operations at Digital Realty, called for clarity on the green data centre roadmap due to Singapore’s limited renewable capabilities.

“Bringing green energy in from outside of Singapore and having certainty over those green pathways will enable us to understand the Singapore government’s intentions, and for Digital Realty to make the next step in any future investment,” he added.

Another industry player believes having the necessary standards to clearly gauge energy efficiency is important, as the true impact of these facilities is hard to measure. 

“So if we can shine a light on how much energy is being consumed at the chip level, and trace that all the way back through to the top of the channel, which is the data centre, we will have a transparent and open way to gauge energy efficiency,” said Mr Tim Rosenfield, co-CEO of Sustainable Metal Cloud and Firmus – two firms leading the transformation in artificial intelligence infrastructure and sustainable energy solutions.

“We think it is a very important point to drive down the cost of AI adoption.”

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