CDC vouchers: Beware of unofficial links and phishing SMSes


Watch out for SMSes that ask for your personal particulars or banking details. 

Such SMSes are typically used to carry out phishing scams, where a person is deceived into clicking on a phishing link and entering their personal details on a fake digital platform.

In doing so, they unknowingly reveal their credentials to scammers, who can make unauthorised transactions on their accounts.

RedeemSG will never send SMSes requiring such details, warned the North East and Central Singapore Community Development Councils on Wednesday afternoon. 

They added that those claiming the vouchers should ensure the unique voucher link starts with the following prefix:

The CDC, which comes under the People’s Association (PA), said it is aware of unofficial links that are circulating online.

“We are working closely with the authorities for investigations,” it said, adding that a police report has been made.

Official information and updates on the CDC vouchers scheme are available via its website.

Those who encounter suspicious messages about RedeemSG or CDC vouchers can contact the PA at 6225 5322. 

They can also submit the information online via the police’s I-Witness platform or call 1800 255 0000 to make a police report. 

The PA separately warned about potential scam letters, calls, messages, social media pages, websites and mobile applications impersonating the association or its staff.

“If unsure, do not provide your personal or financial info,” PA said in an advisory on its website. 

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