Boeing CEO recognizes ‘gravity’ of safety crisis but sees ‘progress’

This includes a new whistleblower, Sam Mohawk, who said that Boeing ordered improperly stored parts to be hidden from federal aviation inspectors, who would have demanded Boeing increase storage capacity and hire additional staff, raising costs.

The hearing was attended by a small group of family members who lost relatives in the 2018 and 2019 MAX crashes, which together claimed 346 lives. The group held signs with their loved ones at the outset of the session.

They also held a press conference just ahead of the hearing.

Calhoun is a “mass killer,” said Adnaan Stumo, brother to Nadia Milleron, who died in the Ethiopian Airlines crash. “There needs to be criminal charges for the people at the top. The people in the driver’s seat were responsible for 346 deaths, including my sister.”

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