‘Birds drop from trees’ in extreme 45C Australian heat amid sweltering four-week heatwave

A sweltering heatwave in Australia has caused “birds to drop out of trees” as temperatures peak well over 40 degrees Celsius.

Extreme heat has been recorded in the country’s 6,500km western region for a brutal fourth week.

The mercury peaked at a torrid 45C in Marble Bar on Friday with experts predicting records could be smashed if the hot spell continues.

One caravan park manager, Cath Nation, warned the heat was so intense that most people retreated indoors by 9am to escape.

Dead bird and Australia heat map

‘Birds drop from trees’ in extreme 45C Australian heat amid sweltering four-week heatwave

WX charts/Flickr

However, Nation warned the wildlife had not been so fortunate.

“We’ve got birds dropping out of trees,” she told Perthnow.

“I was just taking a walk down near the camp kitchen and there were dead birds laying there, carked it, keeled over, too hot.

“The is an upside to it all, the washing dries in about 10 minutes.”


Australia heat map

Australia heat map

WX Charts

Marble Bar, which is home to about 630 people has not dipped below 36C since September 9 and 43C since December 19.

The record for most days in a row over 43C at Marble Bar is a staggering 27 which occurred between January 6 and February 1, 2005, according to meteorologist Jessica Lingard.

“We’re nudging close to that record as we move through the weekend and into next week,” Lingard said.

According to forecasts, temperatures in the town could peak at 46C over the weekend and could hit 41C in Perth.

\u200bAustralian Bureau of Meteorology issues heat warning

Australian Bureau of Meteorology issues heat warning

Australian BoM

Lingard said the heatwaves were caused by an “atmospheric traffic jam”.

“When the trough sits on the coast we get bombarded with these hot dry northerly winds, which bring down all the hot air from the Pilbara and Gascoyne regions, all the way … into the southwest of the state,” she said.

Ahead of the weekend, the Australian Health Department warned conditions could be “dangerous for everyone”, and told residents to stay indoors.

“Seek a place to keep cool such as your home, a library, community centre or shopping centre,” the department said.

“Close your windows and draw blinds, curtains or awnings early in the day to keep the heat out of your home.”

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