Biden cruises to victory in South Carolina

Several voters said Biden’s record as president was mostly satisfactory, while admitting there was a lack of enthusiasm for his second-term bid – but that they did not want to see Trump win.

“It’s the lesser of two evils,” said Noelle Paris, 63. “It had to be Biden, just because you know again, the most viable candidate in terms of chances. But strong candidate? Not so much in my opinion.”

Biden has made a string of campaign visits to South Carolina but stayed away on Saturday, already turning his attention to next week’s primary in Nevada, where he will hold a campaign event on Sunday.

“I am feeling good about where we are. I really am,” Biden said during a visit to his campaign headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware, alongside Vice President Kamala Harris.

A number of recent polls have however shown support for Biden slipping among Black voters, especially youth, amid frustration that he has not addressed their priorities despite them backing him four years ago.

But other polls have showed him edging ahead of Trump or neck-and-neck, even if his personal approval ratings remain at low levels not seen by a sitting president for decades.

“I think he’s done the best he could,” said Annette Hamilton, 63, casting her vote at a church hall in north Charleston. Asked if Biden could win in November, she replied: “I pray to God he will.”


Biden also pointed to his victory in an unofficial primary in New Hampshire, despite the fact that he was not on the ballot and voters had to write him in.

Biden pushed for South Carolina, whose population is 23 per cent Black, to be at the front of the Democratic primary calendar this year, above New Hampshire, whose population is almost entirely white.

Democrats have made major campaigning efforts, with Biden visiting twice this year, including to a Charleston church where a racist gunman killed nine parishioners in 2015.

The Republican primary on Feb 24 promises to be more dramatic than the Democratic, with Trump trying to deal a knock-out blow to former South Carolina governor and UN ambassador Nikki Haley on her home turf.

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