Baltimore Key Bridge collapse latest news: Four construction workers remain missing

Baltimore to receive $60 million in federal funds to rebuild

Authorities say that rescue divers will return to the waters surrounding the collapsed Francis Scott Key bridge as soon as conditions improve, as four of construction – now presumed dead – remain missing.

Recovery and salvage missions were previously called off due to water temperatures and other hazards, but divers “remain on standby”.

At a press conference on Saturday, Maryland Governor Wes Moore told reporters: “Right now, the conditions make it unsafe for rescue divers. But as soon as those conditions change, Colonel [Roland] Butler has assured me that those rescue divers will be going right back in the water.”

It comes after enormous cranes arrived in Baltimore to help clear the wreckage, which officials say is an essential step before recovery efforts to find the missing construction workers.

One of the cranes, the Chesapeake 1000, is capable of lifting 1,000 tonnes — but the bridge is estimated to weigh around three or four times that, so it will need to be cut into sections, Maryland governor Wes Moore said. The first crane lift of debris was due to take place on Saturday.

Meanwhile, US president Joe Biden said on Friday he will go to Baltimore next week.

He also announced he has approved $60m in initial aid to rebuild the bridge.


Construction worker ‘miraculously’ survives Baltimore bridge collapse without knowing how to swim

A construction worker who was part of the team on the Francis Scott Key Bridge when it collapsed early on Tuesday morning in Baltimore, miraculously survived the incident despite not knowing how to swim.

Julio Cervantes’ and seven other workers from Mexico and Central America were taking a break inside their cars just moments before the bridge collapsed around 1:30am.

Mr Cervantes and another man were rescued the same day. The remains of Alejandro Hernandez Fuentes, 35, and Dorlian Ronial Castillo Cabrera, 26, were recovered by searchers.

He was taken to the hospital with a chest wound and was released the same day

“My husband doesn’t know how to swim. It is a miracle he survived,” the wife of Cervantes, who did not wish to reveal her name, told NBC.

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Discussion with Baltimore port workers ongoing

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Watch: Maryland governor says recovery efforts are ’round the clock’ after Baltimore bridge collapse

Maryland governor says recovery efforts are ’round the clock’ after Baltimore bridge collapse

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Baltimore mayor: ‘Right pace’ is needed to reach our goals

Baltimore mayor Brandon Scott also used a running metaphor to describe recovery efforts at the Francis Scott Key bridge, saying that the “right pace” was needed.

“I’m a runner, and I will say it like this. The winner of the marathon or the 5k is never the person who starts out the fastest,” he said.

“In fact, in my experience, those people end up last or not finishing the race at all. The winner always has the right pace and finishes with a strong kick. That will be all of us when we celebrate the reopening of the channel and the reopening of the brace in the future.

“We will all be exhausted, but it will be worth it because we will have achieved our goals the right way and together. Doing it that way, is going to make the process smoother and faster in the long run, and that’s our ultimate goal.”

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First crane lift of debris to take place on Saturday

Authorities say they intend to conduct their first cran-lifts of debris from the Francis Scott Key bridge collapse on Saturday.

One of the cranes brought to the crash site, the Chesapeake 1000, is capable of lifting 1,000 tonnes — but the bridge is estimated to weigh around three or four times that, so it will need to be cut into sections, Maryland governor Wes Moore said.

At a press conference on Saturday, Coast Guard Rear Admiral Shannon Gilreath said: “I’m really proud to announce that the governor said we’re going to conduct our first lift today on a piece of a portion of the bridge just north of that deep draft shipping channel.

“And we’re we will continue planning efforts for once we get that clear to open that up for tug and barge traffic to come into the Port of Baltimore, but that’s going to take some more time.

“And this is a step in that process, much like when you run a marathon, you’ve got to take the first few steps. We’re taking those few first few steps, and will continue to get the resources in that will propel us to the finish line, but we’re working to get there as fast as we can.

“We’re going to open it as soon as possible and we’re gonna continue to do it safely.”

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Did ‘dirty fuel’ contribute to the Baltimore bridge collapse?

Investigators are examining the possible role of “dirty fuel” in the cargo ship collision which destroyed Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge.

The Dali collided with the four-lane road bridge at 1.28am on Tuesday as it sailed out of the Maryland harbour.

Minutes before the collision, the propulsion system on board the vessel went down, alarms sounded, and the vessel began veering towards a support for the bridge.

At 1.26am, the captain called for crew to try to restart the engine and steer hard to the left. A minute later, he ordered them to drop anchor, and issued an emergency radio call to transport authorities on the bridge.

However the Dali, 1,000 ft long and 95,000 tons when empty, would have been virtually impossible to stop. It hit the 1.6mile bridge at 1.28am, causing its immediate collapse into the Patapsco River.

Louise Boyle has the full story…

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Watch live: Maryland governor holds press conference following Baltimore bridge collapse

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Trump criticised for staying silent on Baltimore bridge collapse

Since Tuesday night when a cargo ship slammed into the Francis Scott Key Bridge, killing six people, all immigrants, Mr Trump has only posted one clip of Sean Hannity criticising President Joe Biden for making only a brief remark and “making it all about himself by mentioning his personal connection”.

Mr Trump, who is usually known for his consistent and repeated posts on social media on any topic in the national news, is being criticised for remaining largely silent.

Republican strategist Scott Reed said this silence from Mr Trump is “a little weird,” journalist Mike Sington shared on Twitter.

“It was a national tragedy, it’s going to cost $2 billion, it’s going to screw up a lot of people’s lives and impact goods travelling around the world,” Mr Reed said, according to Mr Sington’s post on X.

“At a minimum, express sympathy toward the poor six men that died that were doing their jobs on the midnight shift, keeping commerce flowing.”

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Watch: Maryland Governor sets out four directives following Baltimore bridge crash

Maryland state Governor Wes Moore has set out four directives since the crash of the Francis Scott Key bridge on Tuesday. – Continue to prioritize recovery for the families – Clear channel and open vessel traffic to the port – Take care of everyone affected by this crisis – Rebuild the Francis Scott Key Bridge

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Dundalk baker one of the last to drive over Francis Scott Key bridge

Larry Desantis, a baker from Dundalk, may have been one of the last people to ever drive across the Francis Scott Key bridge before its collapse.

Mr Desantis, who was on his normal commute across the bridge early on Tuesday morning, said he had not even realised the bridge had collapsed until after having driven over it. He told the Baltimore Banner that he didn’t hear the boom of the bridge crashing down because he had the radio playing.

“I didn’t even know anything was going on, but it was just really eerie when I got off of the bridge and there was nothing [behind me],” Mr Desantis told the Banner. “Because with Amazon there, I’ll see 20 Amazon trucks every morning. I don’t care what day of the week it is. Nothing. There was absolutely nothing.”

He added: “I think about it, I might not be here now if I had been just a little bit later…Just a minute would’ve changed everything. It’s scary, you know.”

Mr Desantis said that later he had gotten a call from a detective to make sure he was safe, though he was not sure how his car registration was obtained.

“They just wanted to know how many people they had to look for. That’s what he told me,” he said.

Despite his brush with death, Mr Desantis has gone into work each day since the bridge collapse, at Herman’s Bakery in Dundalk. Now, his commute on an alternative route takes close to an hour, whereas before it was 20 minutes, he told the Banner.

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