Australia’s Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail reopens after bushfires

An iconic trail on southern Australia’s Kangaroo Island has reopened to all visitors after recovery from the devastating 2019/2020 bushfires.

Considered one of the country’s “Great Walks,” the Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail was only accessible as part of guided tour following the damage caused by the bushfires, according to the local tourism commission.

But bookings for independent walkers reopened on December 16 on the National Park and Wildlife Service website.

Bushwalking experience is recommended when embarking on the 66-kilometre trek on the island south of Adelaide by yourself.

For those preferring to head out on the 5-day tour accompanied by a guide, the park operator also lists a number of licensed tour operators.

Spotting koalas, dolphins and goannas

Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail mostly leads along the coast of the island’s south-western tip, while also weaving through parts of the pristine interior populated by kangaroos, koalas and anteaters. When hiking along the coast, keep your eyes peeled for dolphins and sea lions.

The trail also leads through parts of Flinders Chase National Park, home to rare species such as heath goannas and the short-beaked echidna, according to the tourism commission.

The park’s visitor centre, which was destroyed in the bushfires like much of its infrastructure, is set to reopen early this year.

The best time to do the Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail is from March until November.

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