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Australian office workers hesitant to trust AI

Over half (52%) of Australian office workers do not trust the data used to train AI systems, which could impede the adoption of AI in the workplace, according to new data released by Salesforce.

The research released at the World Tour Essentials Melbourne also found that 52% of office workers believe it is difficult to get the data they want out of AI.

Among those who don’t trust the technology, 95% are hesitant to adopt it, and 62% fear that humans will lose control of AI. Meanwhile 89% of Australian office workers do not trust AI to act without human guidance, and only 49% trust AI and humans to keep data safe together.

To overcome the trust gap, 73% of office workers in Australia say AI needs to consistently produce accurate outputs. To achieve this, 88% of Australian respondents said it is important that AI tools use accurate data, 87% said they should use secure data and 84% said holistic or complete data would help them build trust in AI.

Salesforce SVP for Innovation and Customer Advisory APAC Rowena Westphalen said the findings highlight the importance of trust for employee acceptance of AI in the workplace.

“Our research shows Australian workers value human oversight in AI operations. Businesses building trust in AI should ensure humans remain at the helm, leveraging machine speed and efficiency alongside human judgement and creativity for a more productive future,” she said.

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