Arsenal of loaded guns and homemade bombs found in NYC brothers’ home

A six-month New York Police Department investigation led to a raid that investigators say uncovered an arsenal of homemade explosive devices and guns.

A pair of brothers — Andrew and Angelo Hatziagelis, ages 39 and 51, respectively — were indicted Friday on 130 counts after police found the cache along with anarchist propaganda.

“These weapons will never be used, and the city is safer today because of it,” Queens District Attorney Melinda Katz said during a news conference. She added that the brothers do not appear to be a part of any terrorist network or criminal organization.

The attorney listed on the indictment as representing the Hatziagelis brothers was not immediately available for comment Tuesday afternoon.

Inside their Astoria apartment, Katz said police found eight working improvised explosive devices (IEDs), one partially constructed tripwire IED, nine smoke bombs, two loaded AR-15-style ghost guns with detachable magazines, two loaded 9mm ghost gun pistols, a 3D printer that created two 9mm pistols, one partially constructed AK-47-style ghost gun, 13 3D-printed magazines, 26 more magazines, more than 600 rounds of ammunition, three sets of body armor and equipment to make more weapons.

She noted another recovered item: A police scanner set to the frequency of the NYPD’s 114th precinct, which covers Astoria.

“They were listening,” she said.

And it appears they knew what they were doing, she said.

The trip wire in particular showed “an advanced level of sophistication in homemade explosives,” Katz said. The NYPD bomb squad had to evacuate the building multiple times during the raid, including when they found four IEDs in the same container in such a way that one detonating would have triggered the rest of the explosives.

Katz said the NYPD is proactive about hunting down ghost guns but declined to specify what prompted the investigation or how police knew to look into the brothers.

“The team’s intelligence-led approach has combined innovative analytical techniques with painstaking, day-to-day detective work: tracking parts and parcel to the illegal ghost guns that they become,” said Rebecca Weiner, deputy commissioner for the NYPD’s counterterrorism bureau.

Wiener added that police also found recipes for napalm, thermite grenades, fertilizer bombs, black powder and molotov cocktails.

She said investigators don’t know the what brothers intended to do with all the weaponry, if anything at all.

Katz said investigators also found knapsacks with firearms, smoke bombs, extra magazines, a baton, pepper spray, food and water bottles.

The writing snippets shown by police found describe how animal sacrifice is forbidden but human sacrifice is allowed only for “the corrupt souls — rapists, pedophiles, murderers, politicians, judges.”

NYPD Commissioner Edward A. Caban said the supplies had the potential to wreak “horrendous carnage.”

The brothers are slated to next appear in court on Feb. 15. Each brother faces 25 years in prison if convicted, Katz said.

“What we prevented can never be quantified,” she said.

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