Anne Curtis gets featured in Australia’s ‘Good Weekend’

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MANILA — Actress-host Anne Curtis is finally getting the recognition on her home turf as she graced the cover of the Australian magazine, “Good Weekend.” 

For its January issue, “Good Weekend” features Curtis saying: “Screen Queen: The Australian TV and film mega-celebrity you’ve never heard of.”

“In the Philippines, @annecurtissmith is the mega-celebrity Australia doesn’t know it has: mobbed in the streets of Manila and more popular than Taylor Swift. For the film and TV star, it’s a long way from her upbringing in rural Victoria,” Good Weekend said in an Instagram post.

Curtis, born to an Australian father and a Filipina mother, has been a household name in the Philippines for over two decades. 

Her success as an actress, television host, and recording artist has made her an icon in the Filipino entertainment industry. However, her fame has largely gone unnoticed by the wider Australian audience, until now.

“Good Weekend” magazine, known for its features and profiles, has chosen to shed light on Curtis’s journey and achievements in the entertainment industry. 

The cover story delves into her rise to stardom, her body of work, and her popularity among millions of fans.

Beyond her acting career, Curtis has also made contributions to humanitarian causes. She is a UNICEF Philippines National Goodwill Ambassador and has consistently used her platform to raise awareness about child rights and welfare.


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