Allegheny County Police arrest 3 suspects in the murder of a 57-year-old man

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Allegheny County police arrested three men they said are responsible for conspiring and killing their business associate. The case spanned six different counties across the region and the work of countless police agencies over several days.

Jeremy Fisher, 41, of Coraopolis, Fisher’s nephew, 20-year-old Braden Elliott of Chicora, and 58-year-old William Fortuna of Conway are charged with killing 57-year-old George Dayieb of Murrysville.

Allegheny County Police Assistant Superintendent Victor Joseph said Fisher directed Fortuna and Elliott to commit the crimes with him.

According to court records, it started Wednesday, December 27, when Kennedy Township police found an empty black Ford F-350 near Robinson Boulevard and Ewing Road. Officers learned it was registered to F5 Construction Services, owned by Dayieb, whose significant other had reported him missing and endangered that day.

Detectives learned Dayieb met with Fisher, an associate of three years, by a Citgo off Broadhead Road in Coraopolis, to collect nearly $440,000 in debt that Fisher owed for construction equipment.

Daylieb’s partner told investigators that Fisher told Dayieb the Friday before Dec. 22 that his aunt would be wiring him the money by Tuesday, Dec. 26, but Dayieb never received it.

“We had video evidence of [Dayieb] getting into [Fisher’s] vehicle [near the Citgo],” Joseph said.

The car ride led them to Butler County.

“Elliott was seated behind [Dayieb,] and at some point in the ride, he attempted to shoot [Dayieb] in the back of the head. There was a malfunction with the gun, and the gun didn’t fire,” Joseph said.

They stopped at a gas station, where Fortuna met with Elliott and fixed the gun.

Then, near Portersville under the Mercer Road bridge on Route 422, with Fortuna following in a second vehicle, Elliott pulled the trigger after getting a text from Fisher.

“Elliott then shot [Dayieb] one time in the back of the head, killing him,” Joseph said.

Investigators said Fisher directed Elliott to bring Dayieb’s body to Myers Hollow Road in Licking Township in Clarion County. Witnesses told KDKA they saw police activity in a woodsy area by a trailer and a camper.

“Elliott then drags [Dayieb’s] body into one of the trailers that are located on the property and covers him with some items,” Joseph said.

Through cell phone data, license plate readers, video surveillance, and old-fashioned police work, detectives were able to nail down the suspects and find Dayieb’s body.

“I can tell you they’ve been here around the clock, working this case,” Joseph said.

After recovering Dayieb’s remains Friday, police arrested Fortuna in Beaver County, Elliott in Butler County, and Fisher in Washington County with the help of several agencies. Besides homicide, they face charges, including tampering and fabricating physical evidence and abuse of a corpse.

“We’re happy to bring this to a close for [Dayieb’s] family,” Joseph said. “I can’t imagine what they’ve been going through for the past few days.”

The three suspects will remain in Allegheny County jail as bail was denied.

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