All units installed at Synergy’s 200-MW Kwinana battery in Australia

All containerised battery units have been installed at the site set to become Western Australia’s largest grid-connected battery energy storage complex, the state government announced on Friday.

The milestone for all units being in place for the 200-MW/800-MWh Kwinana Battery Stage Two was also confirmed by state-owned energy retailer Synergy and civil and electrical balance of plant (BOP) contractor GenusPlus Group.

Kwinana Battery Stage Two is equipped with almost 300 EnerC Plus battery units of China’s Contemporary Amperex Technology Co Ltd (CATL) and 72 of Power Electronics’ inverters. The complex, located at the site of a former gas power plant, will discharge electricity during peak demand periods and thus help enhance the grid’s resilience. Once fully operational later in 2024, it will be capable of supplying power to 370,000 average homes in Western Australia for about four hours.

The stage-two project will expand the 100-MW/200-MWh Kwinana Big Battery that was switched on last year.

Synergy aims to grow its battery fleet to 3,000 MWh by end-2025. Last December, it secured a planning permit for a 500-MW/2,000 MWh battery to be sited near a due-to-be-shuttered coal-fired station in Western Australia.

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