Aircraft “enthusiast” dies in ultralight plane crash in WA’s Wheatbelt

The pilot of a small plane has died after his aircraft crashed at a regional property in Western Australia’s Wheatbelt.

The 69-year-old man had been flying the ultralight aircraft near his Beverley home, 130 kilometres south-east of Perth, when the crash occurred at a neighbour’s property.

Emergency services were called just after 11am on Saturday, but the man died at the scene.

A plane crash in regional wa

A man in his 60s has died in a plane crash in Beverley.(Supplied)

Wheatbelt Police District Inspector Jason Beesley said the cause of the crash was under investigation.

“There are three or four things it could be … you just keep an open mind about what it is until we actually look at the facts,” he said.

Inspector Beesley described the pilot as an ultralight plane “enthusiast” who had been flying for decades.

“He’s quite experienced at doing it. This was his own aircraft, he has got a big interest in ultralights and other aircraft,” he said.

Inspector Beesley said the man’s loved ones were at the family property at the time of the crash.

“On behalf of WA Police, we are shattered this has happened to this family,” he said.

“He would be known to the Beverley community so I think they will all come around and support him and his family.”

An unmarked black police car parked next to a marked police car.

Police say the man was the sole occupant of the aircraft.(Supplied)

Beverley is a popular destination for hobby gliders. 

The aircraft crashed about 15km from the Beverley airport. 

The incident will be investigated by Recreational Aviation Australia and WA Police.

A report will be prepared for the corner.


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