A warmer Singapore could spell trouble for its tourism industry, say experts


The study, released earlier this month by the Center of Climate Research Singapore, said that the nation’s mean temperature could rise by between 0.6 and 5 degrees Celsius by the end of the century, depending on the world’s carbon emissions rate.

Very hot days, during which the maximum temperature exceeds 35 degrees Celsius, will also become more frequent.

For tourists favouring the outdoors, the warmer weather could affect their experience in the nation’s many open spaces, including the Mandai Wildlife Reserve.

“Imagine you’re going to see sea lions or tigers, but these animals are never outside, they’re always (hiding in the shade) because it is too hot. So as a tourist, you’re not getting the value that you expect of seeing an open zoo,” said Prof Bhati, who is also the regional vice president of the International Tourism Studies Association. 

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