510,000 travellers used Singapore-Malaysia land checkpoints on Mar 28, highest in a


Traffic is expected to remain very heavy on Friday and Saturday at both land checkpoints with continuous tailbacks from Malaysia’s checkpoints for departing motorists, ICA said.

In a Facebook update at around 1.25pm on Friday, it said that travellers can expect a delay of up to three hours or more.

“At Woodlands Checkpoint, departure car queues tailback from Malaysia have extended to beyond Woodlands Ave 3 exit 10A.

“At Tuas Checkpoint, departure car queues tailback from Malaysia has receded to 2nd Link Bridge.”

In another update at about 2.40pm, ICA no longer specified the expected waiting time and the length of the tailback at Woodlands, instead saying: “Heavy departure traffic at Woodlands Checkpoint due to tailback from Malaysia. Delays are expected and travellers are advised to check traffic conditions before embarking on their journey.”

In a separate Facebook post at 4.25pm, ICA said that an accident had occurred on the Causeway in the direction of Johor Bahru.

“It is blocking one out of three lanes. Travellers planning to depart Singapore via Woodlands Checkpoint should expect delays,” it said.

The accident site was cleared by about 5.55pm, with ICA saying that all lanes of the Causeway were operational.

At 7.05pm, it said that the tailback of departure traffic from Malaysia at Woodlands Checkpoint had subsided.

Arrival traffic is also expected to be heavy on Mar 31 as travellers who have departed are expected to return to Singapore, ICA said.

Travellers using the land checkpoints are advised to factor in additional waiting time for immigration clearance, it added.

“ICA also seeks travellers’ understanding and cooperation to be patient, observe traffic rules, maintain lane discipline, and cooperate with officers on-site when using the land checkpoints.”

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