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Wintertime is officially here. Families are gathering together for the holidays, temperatures are dropping, and folks are finally ready to hit the slopes. Skiing season is in full swing and that’s true for people around the world, especially in Europe.

Europe has an abundance of offerings for travelers looking to go skiing. The snow-capped mountain ranges seem endless and travelers can find somewhere to ski in pretty much any European country. Whether they’re looking for places with the highest altitudes and snowfall or family-friendly resorts with beginner slopes, skiing is happening everywhere in Europe. Here are five of the best European destinations for a skiing adventure this winter season.

Saas-Fee, Switzerland

Photo credit: Flo Maderebner

The village of Saas-Fee sits at the bottom of Switzerland’s biggest mountain, the Dom. Travelers head here each year for skiing adventures. The snow is plentiful and falls heavily during the ski season. Beyond skiing, Saas-Fee is an incredibly unique town where skiing is the number one priority and cars are not allowed. There are 12 miles of glacier skiing in Saas-Fee, Nordic skiing, and ice climbing throughout the town. It’s also home to the world’s tallest highest revolving restaurant spinning 11,482 feet in the air. 

Val d’Isère, France

A French skiing town, Val d’Isère is a mega-resort for skiing and other snow sports. The town’s high altitude makes it a quality destination for snowfall. However, just in case, Val d’Isère produces more artificial snow than any other place in Europe. There are more than 160 ski runs in the town and children under 8 can ski for free. Skiers can glide across icy glaciers in the city’s two snow parks. It’s also not far from the neighboring town of Tignes, giving travelers access to two ski hubs right next door to each other. 

Innsbruck, Austria

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Alesia Kozik

When in Austria, there’s no better place to ski than Innsbrook, with 13 ski resorts to choose from. Travelers can decide which one will offer the best skiing experience based on their skills, amenities, and respective pricing. Some of the most popular resorts include Schlick 2000, Glungezer, and Serlesbahnen Mieders. There’s no limit when it comes to winter sports in Innsbrook. With over 190 miles of ski runs, it’s no surprise the city has hosted the Winter Olympics twice. 

St. Moritz, Switzerland

Another hotspot for skiing in Switzerland is St. Moritz. The city sits 6,000 feet above sea level making it an ideal location for snow. Skiers aren’t strangers to the snowy wonders of St. Moritz. It’s the oldest winter holiday resort in the world and its dry-air climate is perfect for long-distance skiing. Once you’ve finished skiing, check out some of the city’s magical events happening on its frozen lake like White Turf horse racing and an icy car show.

Courmayeur, Italy

Photo credit: Marcus Löfvenberg

Travelers should visit the Italian ski town of Courmayeur, Italy to ride the Skyway Monte Bianco cable car. Taking visitors 3,466 meters high, the cable car is a real treat before heading to the slopes. Courmayeur is a historic mountain village and people venture there for skiing every year. Skiers say the most ideal slopes in Courmayeur are on the north-facing side of the ski areas. However, these slopes are best suited for intermediate and expert skiers. 

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