4 lesser-known budget airlines that offer full-service perks such as free check-in

During my flight on Cebu Pacific some years ago, my reverie was interrupted by a flight attendant with a mic in one hand and a brand new neck pillow in the other. It turned out that a trivia session with prizes to be won – presumably the airline’s way of making up for the lack of in-flight entertainment – was underway.

A TV screen isn’t the only sacrifice a budget traveller makes. There’s also comfort, meals, and baggage entitlements. But a fresh crop of low-cost carriers emerging amidst the pandemic is changing things up, with flatbeds that don’t cost an arm and a leg and even pet-friendly cabins.

If we were you, we wouldn’t plan our next vacation before checking out the four low-cost (and one full-service) airlines below.


So, you bought Japanese yen during the dip in 2023. Why stop there? The savings continue on Zipair Tokyo, a low-cost subsidiary of Japan Airline. The budget-friendly bird has spread its wings from Tokyo to the US, Hawaii, and Canada, but closer to home, the route between Narita International Airport and Singapore was launched in Sep 2021.

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